JODY MILLER & I-5 UHLMANN RV: you can do better than them!

Merced, California 0 comments

I love my Alpenlite. It's a fine product and I have no complaints. Jody Miller who still works at I-5 Uhlmann's RV in Chehalis has no idea what service before and after a sale is about.

When I asked Miller to check my RV to make sure everything was in working order, I really meant make sure everything is working, fix anything that isn't working, and I don't like surprises. He said, yes, I'll see to every detail personally, you have nothing to worry about.

It took a week at an RV repair shop to fix a 1/2 dozen major things that were not working. I was not happy -- and the worst part? Miller's attitude was it wasn't his problem!

Review about: Unprofessional Mechanic.

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